Break Dust issue solved

Since purchasing "The Ghost" I have found that there is nothing that it does better than create break dust! Following the recommendations of several HC owners, I replaced the pads with PowerStop Z23s this past weekend. For the past few days I have been pushing her hard to see what kind of dust we can make with them and how they stand up to the hard work. I have noticed some loss of performance after 30 minutes of pretty hard stops but not too bad for those that are not track racing. The big news for me was a decrease in break dust by at least 90%!

Now I need to replace the rear tires with 305/35R20 Nitto NT555s and I am all set.
So it's obvious that I can't spell. BRAKES not breaks! I guess I need to step away from my desk and take a lunch break.
Sound interesting. Never tried the PowerStop Z23s. Are they ceramics or semi metallics?
I went with EBC "Red Stuff" pads.. way less dust, and the same braking performance.. happy with them so far..
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