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Recent content by Paladin06

  1. Paladin06

    What did you do to your Hellcat today?

    You too. I clean mine after every drive.
  2. Paladin06


    Congratulations and welcome from the East Valley in Az. Now go get you some.
  3. Paladin06

    Taking bids!

    I’ve got one.
  4. Paladin06


    All very nice cars.
  5. Paladin06

    What did you do to your Hellcat today?

    Put in a third brake light flasher. https://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/search.aspx?search=BLP-1CH
  6. Paladin06

    Hickster's car

  7. Paladin06

    Post Corona Virus

  8. Paladin06

    New/Old member

    Welcome from the East Valley in Az.
  9. Paladin06

    Chrysler shutting down plants for virus?

    My wife works for Boeing and they sent her home to work for 2 weeks.
  10. Paladin06

    Another black Monday?

    Well the market did make 1500 point jump before closing Friday so that’s a good sign.
  11. Paladin06

    Rain, Coronavirus, and The Hellcat

    Looks like you put in some real work.
  12. Paladin06

    Barrett-Jackson Cancels Auction

    The northeast event is June.
  13. Paladin06

    Heroes Of The Hemi

    The Elephant has a long, winning and colorful history.